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The softness underfoot is a huge advantage as it absorbs a significant amount of shock from each...

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So what are some of the advantages of playing on a clay tennis court?

kinds of tennis courts

Tennis courts are essential to the sport. Any player realizes the importance that they have in t...

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Kinds of tennis courts

rafael nadal tennis court

Rafael Nadal will have to wait another year to face Roger Federer on clay RAFAEL NADAL has claim...

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Rafael Nadal reveals real reason Roger Federer skipped clay court season

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Clay courts may not be as plentiful as their hard or grass cousins in Australia but with one in ...

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What makes a clay court different?

clay tennis courts

Clay courts reduce risk of injury: A recent survey by the United States Tennis Association shows ...

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Clay Tennis Courts are better for the body

Caliclay Tennis Courts Systems

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there li...

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Caliclay Tennis Courts System

tennis court puerto rico caliclay

CaliClay clay tennis court system arrives at the Caribbean in Puerto Rico

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CaliClay clay tennis court system arrives at the Caribbean in Puerto Rico

rafa nadal tennis court

After our March issue was posted with th Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre Costa Mujeres (Cancun, Mexico...

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Check out this article about the new CaliClay clay tennis courts at the Rafa Nadal tennis centre on

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The CaliClay system offers an option for clients building a new tennis court. We do not require a...

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Save on construction for a new tennis court with CaliClay