Basalt Surface System

CaliClay courts use a proprietary synthetic turf installed upon an asphalt or other solid base, topped with organic basalt rock material from our own quarry in Mexico. With a depth of under an inch of material, the system replicates the play of traditional clay and Har-Tru courts but at a fraction of the cost and maintenance. The system can be installed on an existing hardcourt in 10 days – depending on ease of access.

The synthetic turf is not an active part of the play – the clay is held in place by the relationship between the turf and the damp bottom layer of clay, allowing for a clay
court tennis experience on the top layer. Court speed and softness can be adjusted
by using more or less material.

Can be installed on existing hard court or on a compacted and leveled terrain,
save $ on prep construction!

There is no need for 24-hour underground watering or heavy daily overground watering. Our top clay surface is about 1 inch in depth and needs very little water as compared to a traditionally built clay court. Water can be applied manually or via traditional lawn sprinklers – and unlike underground systems, recycled water may be used. Our red rock material won’t stain your clothes. It is heavy enough to stay on the court during strong weather events, and light enough to
slide on during play.

The CaliClay system solves the 3
major issues with clay courts:

º High Installation Cost
º High Water Use
º High Maintenance Cost

Installs on top of existing hard court or new 95% compact base base in about 5 days. Water before play- average 150 gallons per day when in use. Brush and line after use. Add material as needed. Roll occasionally or not at all. Red basalt material will not stain clothing.


Brush and line after play.
Roll once a month or as preferred.
Never Scarify.
No seasonal closing or re-opening in winter environs.
Don’t water when not in use – for days, weeks or months.
Add material as needed- average court uses 30-40 bags annually.
10 year warranty.