Meet Steve Brillhart

 Born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, Steve has been playing tennis for over 45 years and teaching tennis on and off for nearly 30 years.   While consulting on a new court build in Los Cabos, Mexico in 2015, he was introduced to the CaliClay surface by Mau.  He loved it so much, he teamed up with Mau to bring the unique surface to the US market.  Per Steve: “Nobody should be playing on a hard court - they trash your body - yet clay courts are expensive and difficult to maintain.  CaliClay brings you the positive softness of clay while solving the negative cost and maintenance issues with traditional clay."

Meet Mauricio Hess

Born in Mexico to German parents, Mau’s father owned a sports construction company and invented the CaliClay system. He ran his father’s company for over 8 years; and during this time many tennis courts were installed, many of which are now sixteen years old and still in top-notch condition. After having met Steve on a project in Los Cabos, they decided to bring CaliClay to the US and serve the big demand for soft surfaces in North America and beyond. Mau can surely play tennis well, but his real flex is building first-rate tennis courts for his discerning clients.


CaliClay is a company co-owned by Steve and Mau, both of whom are fully involved in all processes, day in and day out. Everything from sourcing the materiales, visiting prospects and planning alongside them to actually installing and delivering the projects. 

This hands-on approach to their business gives way for a responsible and highly personalized level of service that includes post-sale follow ups. “Our number one priority is having our clients happy with the end result, but them also knowing that that isn’t the end, and that we will gladly continue to be of service”, says Mau.

As the company grows into the Asian and Pacific markets through their deal with One Affinity Sports in Hong Kong; CaliClay is making sure they keep all customers close and satisfied, for its them who really make their product a true success.