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Beautiful CaliClay clay tennis court. Less water and much less maintenance than Hartru.

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Beautiful CaliClay clay tennis court.

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These CaliClay clay tennis courts are just being opened after the harsh winter. They are ready t...

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Caliclay tennis courts after the winter

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The climate all around the world is changing and water is to be saved. CaliClay is the best opti...

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The future is only with water saving clay surfaces

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Groundskeepers Najim Snoussi, left, and Hamid Tebbi spread a layer of the French Open’s iconic r...

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Masters of the courts nadal may be the king of clay court tennis, but these unsung groundskeepers are the true artists of roland garros.

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Clay is slippery, and slipping can cause leg strains and injuries. Changing direction on a slipp...

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Disadvantages of clay courts (which a caliclay court does not have) and the advantages…

caliclay tennis court

The solution to the struggle on clay is multi-dimensional. (AP) Any American, man or woman, who ...

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Dirt disaster: what’s holding Americans back on clay?

cacliclay tennis courts

Tennis is a very different sport whether you’re playing on grass, clay or hard courts. Watch any...

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Tennis shoes to wear on grass, clay, and hard courts

cali clay tennis courts

Check out this CaliClay clay tennis court. We install our clay court system all over the US and ...

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Caliclay clay tennis court in Denver colorado

origin of clay tennis courts

The origin of the clay court came out of mere practicality. Back in the late 1800s, the Renshaw ...

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Origin of clay tennis courts

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In the 2012 season, Nadal has taken home three titles—one in Monte-Carlo, one in Barcelona and o...

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Rafael Nadal: analyzing Fafa’s performance on clay vs. hard courts