CaliClay courts use a proprietary synthetic turf installed upon an asphalt or other solid base, topped with organic basalt rock material from our own quarry in Mexico.

CaliClay offers an environment friendly clay tennis court.
First of all; it requires up to 70% less water than regular clay or Hartru tennis courts. It will last up to 20 years with a minimal but adequate maintenance and all its components are recyclable. It is known that todays synthetic turf is recyclable. Our basalt is a natural stone which will not pollute. CaliClay will not release hazardous substances into the soil. The system integrates into nature while in use and will be reused after.

The feel and performance of the court are so similar to regular clay and the look will match any club or private residence adding value to the property. This makes a CaliClay clay tennis court the best choice for a clay-like soft surface tennis court system.